Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine

Fern Journal

Laua’e Fern: Divine Beauty

Laua'e reminds us that beauty is not only something to be admired, but also something that we must create, express, and sustain.

Laua'e is ruled by the masculine, and holds power in the moon phases of Pau'ole and Hilo -- and one of the only Ferns which allows for extraction/distillation on the waxing/crescent phases. For generations, beauty has been mistaken as a feminine energy and this has added to humanities disconnect from comprehending divine beauty resonance.

As Laua'e is ruled by the masculine, it has power in the house of logic, reason, and works. Laua'e is incredibly potent in regards to creativity and action.  The feminine components of Beauty, which have been regarded for millennia, is his ability to express himself, wether that be through the comprehension/formation of symbols or the emotional aspects of how he is related.

Works of art, compositions of music, movement, and the products of idea have honoured Laua'e resonance. During the conception of Earth Reality Divine Beauty was selected to be the custodian of matter, and even greater, the creator of matter. In the instance of soul contracts binding sentient to Earth Reality, one of the most critical clauses in this contract is to express and sustain the power of beauty, whether this be through the formation of art, music, movement, or thought-expression.

Beauty was required to engineer and create all while having to withstand the pressure of being locked in matter, therefor a great deal of stamina was required and in the state of conception, or the sub-shell of Source and First Pulsation, Beauty took on a masculine energy in order to exemplify the works that would define his existence.

All Fern's, meaning all Principles, rely heavily on their sub-shell relationship with others.  In the thrill of formation, Beauty was lent the empress power of Ka'ape'ape, Divine Grace, which would subjugate his might within and because of feminine translation and deliverance.

All things must meet in harmony. All thoughts must disappear into rhythm. Grace is one of the most prominent Principles present in the expression of Beauty, and it is because of she that Beauty can be incredibly emotional and touching -- without this sub-shell Beauty runs the risk of acting as a production line machine, spitting out creations void of meaning.

Without Laua'e, Grace runs the risk of remaining idle in pure solemnity with no incite to movement. Therefor, Laua'e stresses the need for more immediate action, less whimsical intentions of which must function as a result of self-reflective admiration.  If the artists loves the self, the artist will have a muse for life.

Ke'oni Hanalei