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Hoe A Maui Fern : Divine Vitality

Hoe A Maui Fern suggest you take better care of your personal vessel, your body.

Metaphysics means "physics of a higher order," and "Metapurist" means highest purity. Your house, your body, is incredibly precious and powerful. It is the access to which energy is transferred from Source/God into the animate world.  The Animate world, your reality, is all that matters at this very moment. The direction of evolution is constructural. It is supported by the creation of flows which move more easily, better, further, purer. The design we see in nature -- the shapes and structures of rivers, trees, animals, cities, etc., are manifestations of this tendency in nature to generate shape and structure to facilitate flow access.  

Your reality, in its pure essence, is specifically arranged to best facilitate the flow of energy and matter with the least resistance. Grace, discipline, power and self-authority are required: this is VITALITY. 

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