Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine

Fern Journal

La'akea Lama Fern : Divine Magic

La'akea Lama Fern advises you to create results using your MEDICINE (your gift).

Your gift is your medicine.  Medicine is the individuals highest point
of power.  In a Culture of Control (Culture of Violence), much of the
power in magic is geared towards resolution.  Because Man is attuned
to enforcing medicine for means of resolution the spirit-physical
dynamic enters fatigue.  The merging spirit-physical dynamic is made
up of and correlates to electricity and therefor entropy.  Entropy
explains the stretching of the physical and ethereal points,
segregating and dividing, much like the splitting of conception and
collapse.  Within this electricity matrix exists the multi-dimensional
realm - the realm of dimensions, where pockets of magic are incubated.
This explains trance magic, telepathy, clairvoyance, and sorcery.
Within the particles of electricity of the flow of CHARGE (activation,
deceasing), the creation and reduction of electromagnetic waves and
physical matter as we know it.  Etheric substance (which forms
quality) exists within the convulsions of this current which births
all potential.  The density of matter is far too pressurized to
sustain magic in perpetual liberty, this is why dimensional corridors
are necessary.

When the individual is accessed to their personal gift the electric
charge enters computation (acknowledgement), and the stress of
stretching dynamic can be plucked.  The plucking ignites a resonance
which is like a birth, from this point the frequency encompasses all
directions and enters formation.  Formation truly is the transfer of
magic from etheric dimension into physical matter.

How will this world change once the focus moves from resolution into
involution?  How dense will our reality need to become before a shift
takes us into pure Spirit? La'akea Lama is the spark to which all
medicine is released into the collective magic of who and what we are.
It is all about creating.  For the most part, it is about creating who
and what we are.  This is the soul in its power!

Ke'oni Hanalei