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Fern Journal

'Ōhi'a Lehua: Divine Pain

Although 'Ohi'a Lehua is not a fern, she is considered the Mother of all Ferns.  This is attributed to the 'Ohi'a tree being the first plant life on the barren, volcanic rich genesis of the Hawaiian Islands.  She is semi-air, which means she does not need soil to flourish.  Her roots are commonly found crawling into lava tubes where she collects the rich, nutrient water and condensation in such places, which is high in magnesium.  After hundreds of years, after her continuous decay and revival, her compost slowly turned into the soil which gave life to all plants in Hawai'i.  Truly miraculous!

Because all Ferns were born from her, she is the divine bridge of the ethereal dimension and Earth, the physical miracle.  

Ohi'a Lehua reminds all The Principles of Aloha to stay in their physical avatar, remain steadfast, until the mission of Hala (ascension) is complete.  As the personification of Divine Pain, she reminds all of us to: STAY IN THE BODY.  Recognize sensations of the physical as truly sacred, rare, and dynamic.  Earth is truly the only reality where you will experience physical sensation.  Pain is not to be feared.  It is to be noticed, recognized, and gently let go.  Revere this.  In our current Culture of Control there has been a great misspelling of the value of Pain -- the misspelling tells us that Pain is a form of violence.  Pain is a natural sensation which activates our nervous system and references our experiences.  Pain can inspire us to make different choices, to move towards humility and empathy, and can prevent us from real danger.

Fear is the catalyst towards suffering and dis-ease.  The myth that Pain is to be feared can no longer be tolerated.  Once your belief about pain is re-confirmed as a sacred rights of passage you no longer attract fear, stress, crisis, violence, and dis-ease.  At the core, lies acceptance. 

Ke'oni Hanalei