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Pe'ahi Fern: Divine Chaos

Pe'ahi is perhaps the most misunderstood of all the Principles.  The current culture exploits Chaos as a destructive and unpredictable force.  In fact, the earliest records known to Man show a constant effort to tame or control the energy of chaos.  In Ancient Egypt, the Goddess Ma'at governed over ensuring "order in the Universe" by means of subjugating chaos.  

Pe'ahi has an entirely different definition of true Chaos.

The Greatest analogy to describe the power of Divine Chaos can be explained in the exhalation and inhalation of the breath.  In the beginning of expression, when Source activated conception, the ferocious eruption of all creation was, in fact, the Great Exhale.  This exhale was the initial program of intelligence and the initiation of matter thereby enforcing three necessary distortions: The 1st is Mother/Father energy of free-will; the 2nd is the Child/Innocence energy of Love; the 3rd is the Holy Spirit energy of Light.  These distortions enabled the movement of energy and intelligence and gave form to matter.  We can also assume the distortions enlivened Purpose and Meaning (please see Kuau Fern/Divine Perversion for more info on the three distortions).

The Great Exhale is non-linear, and the idea that it is, in fact, linear, is the 1st great misconception of Chaos energy.  The 2nd law of thermodynamics tells us that chaos expands, also known as entropy. Entropy tells us all things in the Universe, including the Universe itself, is expanding. Even our very intelligence, or Evolution, is in supposed expanse.  Pe'ahi tells us something far different from the common ideas of entropy.  In actuality, upon the completion of the Great Exhale, all things are whole.  All things are precise and perfect.  Nothing more is required.  Within the standard breathing pattern there is a brief pause after an exhalation and before the intake.  This moment is the Great Pause, and is the moment of reflection and stillness.  Within these moments a series of programs were activated so that God energy could be expressed in the physical.  This is exactly what the human avatar is meant to do: Express the energy of God in this, the physical. 

However, because the 1st distortion allows free-will, an intricate, yet violent, cellular response could be appropriated as substance-energy.  This "substance-energy" could motivate further expansion, or excess, when it is no longer required.  This takes the avatar beyond the pause, and therefor disregarding reflection.  With access to Love and Light resonance (the 2nd and 3rd distortions), this substance-energy becomes willed by the hunt for love and the control of light.  It is within this controlled cellular response that Man made the assumption that fulfillment could only be attained with More.  With the idea of accumulating more, time and distance were created to accomodate the delusion.  Had man accepted the stillness of the Great Pause he would know that all things are absolutely whole - all intelligence, all emotions, all expressions have been determined and defined.  

After the Great Pause the pantheon of whole-ness begins its return to the point of conception.  It is this movement back into Source which defines consciousness.  The Great Exhale had created, the Great Pause gave awareness of the Intelligence, and now, the Great Inhale activates the experience (integration of divine data).  This return to conception is finalized as Data Collapse, and the movement back can be likened to what some call Flow-State.

This experience can only be invigorated with surrender, and had Man allowed for the Great Pause, he would not have questioned meaning and therefor could not have invented control.

True Chaos is not the stuff of violence or destruction.  Divine Chaos is the very intelligence and flow of consciousness.  It is the exhale and inhale of the energy of God and determines the very quality of our essences ability to breath. 



Ke'oni Hanalei