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Pomoho Fern: Divine Illumination

The experience of light is non-linear, and the idea that light travels or encompasses distance is a misconception designed by the under-mind.  Pomoho describes the stretching or limitation of light as a delusional aspect of the under-mind.  The under-mind is the logical and mechanical makeup of the brain, or physical belief system.  Alternately, Pomoho describes the non-linear function and expression of light as the Over-mind.

The over-mind is a dimensional corridor where the physical mind, or the logical mind, has been overcome, or has fulfilled itself. Because the current Culture of Control depends on the formula of a linear construct it designs distance and travel in order to facilitate an energy of lack.  Light is self-consuming and self-replicating (self-realizing) and requires nothing but overlapping movement.  Recognition alone invigorates the overlap and constitutes validity.  Measure is not required.  
Here, we can see how the energy of guidance and projection has been misused and erroneously portrayed.  In mans attempt to create measurement in order to facilitate a perception of flow or movement he thus dishonors projection (lighted guidance).  The dishonor results in never-ending linear distance which is falsely appeased with MORE.  The addition becomes erratic and the power of the inward, self-consuming spiral is lost because it is no longer recognized. Instead, it is fed more data which multiplies density and resonance slows or terminates altogether.  The slowing of any type of resonance leads to the gravitational pull into (locking into) matter and binds kundalini energy into the lower chakras or the gastric nerves. 
The act of locking light into matter is the equivalent of synthesizing spiritual light into Mecha, or the Mechanical.  The process of dishonoring spiritual light in the excusal of self-replicating projection and the descent into the Machine.  
The linear construct has found a way to create synthetic light, which is non-organic and does not require the energy of a soul or pure soul energy.  The false illumination is coded with data that is parasitic to the nervous system and the electromagnetic grid of all organisms, including planets and stars.  
The third distortion of all creation is steeped in the divine energy of light and projection, thus requiring the purity of illumination.  Some religions have called this power Holy Spirit. 

To complete the under-mind and accomplish illumination or the light of the world first you must recognize the sacred oil or sacred secretion (possibly the cerebralspinal fluid or in partnership with) which is originated in the cerebral which then travels through the medulla and down the 33 vertebrae into the sacrum. This occurs once every month. Seeded in the sacrum, this oil then climbs or ascends back up (Jacobs ladder) and meets the Vagus  nerve which activates the electromagnetic generator of the heart. At this point the bottom chakras (which are associated with survival, sex, and base activities) are fulfilled. Because the heart is honored and life-flow is highly rhythmic exterior perceptions of the body (brain in particular) are excused and sacred oil or sacred light reaches the optic thalamus where the under-mind is finally crucified. The under-mind is completed and the over-mind ascends and is resurrected as Christ Consciousness.
The only way to harness and honor true light is to deem its source from within.  Light has not traveled to you, nor can it.  Light travels within you as a divine interplay of heart/soul and the fulfillment of mind. The saying Let Thine Eye Be Single refers to the cleanliness and purity of our living— what do we seek as sentient beings? For all the things we desire in the world our perceptions of them are clouded because , as disciples of the Culture of Control, we have chosen not to truly see the fault in our motives and motivations. The body of fulfillment of light is a rhythmic pattern overlapping and repeating itself within; excess and more, distance and measure cannot fulfill circulation.  Become within   Now   


Ke'oni Hanalei