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Laukahi Fern : Divine Magnetism

Laukahi Fern is a call towards understanding attraction and achieving resolution.

The magnetic state (or magnetic phase) of a material depends on temperature and other variables such as pressure and the applied magnetic field. A material may exhibit more than one form of magnetism as these variables change. Esoterically, these same laws are applied as variables such as realization (awareness/presence) and attraction.  Force also comes in variables of blockages, or violence, which represent reference, resolutions, and victory. Everything is driven by magnetism, even violence, and this is because all things have levels of substance.  
Let us examine this in dual roles: the physical and the spiritual (mental). Regarding matter, ordinarily, the enormous number of electrons in a material are arranged such that their magnetic moments (both orbital and intrinsic) cancel out. This is due, to some extent, to electrons combining into pairs with opposite intrinsic magnetic moments as a result of combining into filled subshells with zero net orbital motion.  This zero net orbital motion is the One Outcome, or the Nucleus of Source.  This is the point to which Laukahi reveals his commission with the Unified Equation (0+0=0). Spiritually (mentally) the electrons are represented by Principles.  The process of “cancelling out” is defined as the merging or unifying of separate, individual principles into one fabric.  The combing into pairs is done through Looping of the spiral.  Such that many, many threads go into weaving a fabric in this sense this mastered fabric IS the One Outcome, it is the Nucleus of Source.  Lets examine the word “moment.” Used in this context, moments are defined as the spark of conscious principle activation.  Ruin is a perfect example. When one experiences ruin consciously and participates in its substance this is the moment a download of its quality is achieved.  The opposite intrinsic force created by the merging magnets is a point of incredible power.  It is here, in the subshell, or the co-existing space, where zero motion is achieved.  In these subshells, zero motion truly is the resource of Collapse Minor.  Data Collapse occurs when the zero motion encompasses the entire sprial, not just the subshell (of course, all subshells, or all dynamic relationships of principles, must enter Collapse Minor before Data Collapse can finalize).  

Lets re-visit Matter: the electron arrangement is so as to exactly cancel the magnetic moments from each electron. Moreover, even when the electron configuration is such that there are unpaired electrons and/or non-filled subshells, it is often the case that the various electrons in the solid will contribute magnetic moments that point in different, random directions, so that the material will not be magnetic.  This is directly explaining Collapse Minor is scientific terms.  A substance which is no longer magnetic has simply vanished.  There is a part of you, something timeless, that has always known the truth.  You are being roused from your slumber – the matrix of your mind distracts, entertains, consumes in a cycle of craving and aversion. You are constantly changing forms preventing your evolutionary birthright – which is consciousness.  Your divine essence has become identified with a limited structure.  Such as the electron which becomes an erratic moment, becoming directionless -- its material is no longer magnetic – meaning it holds no attraction and thus disappears.  Laukahi looks into the illusory self – damaged in shame and violence – and when this substance is not resisted the download can begin. The point of quality.  All things must be felt deeply in order to experience its quality.  Anything which remains “un-paired” or without subshell – meaning it does not have duality (balance), is immediately invalidated – if this substance is incapable of merging with an equal (harmonizing) there is no space provided to invigorate quality (take the two magnets merging – remember the force and the space between them is its QUALITY).  Although it has substance (it has force) anything created by the false phenomenon of the Culture of Control does not hold duality (balance) and therefore cannot produce quality.  Beautifully, genuine Principles are empowered by this dynamic of annihilation.  

In other words, It is up to you to carry on by choosing to exist in mere substance, or to exist in divine QUALITY.  This is true resolution.

Ke'oni Hanalei