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MāRāNā RĀ ~ Mystic 'ULU intensive. MOKU KEAWE

MāRāNā RĀ ~ Mystic 'ULU intensive. MOKU KEAWE


In Mū, Mārānā is the name of our last universe. Rā is the masculine entity.
I am so honored to present this 10 hour workshop intensive in sacred Miloli’i, Moku O Keawe, Big Island of Hawai’i.
This workshop is designed to explore the Y chromosome, or the Masculine energy of the human avatar.

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‘ULU is the primordial movement of matter. It is by way of ‘ULU did the 1st civilizations, the Mū, acclimate themselves to the physical condition. This is rather significant as it also allowed the human avatar, the DNA structure, to inherit sacred codes and tones of the vibration of Source — or the frequency of cosmic nucleus (God).

F sharp, the tone of 415.305hz, is a Y chromosome stimulant and this is the primary tone we will be exploring as we engage in various body techniques in order to open our DNA to the masculine disclosure.

Here, we discover that the true throne of the masculine resides in the pu’uwai, the Heart. It is in the heart where logic is discerned. The pu’uwai selects the most effective, efficient, and nourishing energetic materials which the masculine then moves. As the masculine moves energy he is creating results. Our results will no longer be products of violence - the masculine will now honor his birthright as the divine protector, worksman, the custodian of the sacred weapon (the heart), and the brilliant engineer of phenomena.

This workshop is open to gendered men, women, and transexuals. We are all equal parts masculine and feminine. The masculine must be healed.

The workshop requires agility as participants will be moving and shifting for a majority of this class. This is an intensive and is considered “advanced.”

I ask that you have a mid to high degree of athleticism wether that be of yoga, martial arts, dance, varying sports, etc.

You will be served a light meal and will be kept hydrated. You need only bring yourself. Yoga mats and materials will be offered but always encouraged to bring your own as well, and if so:

1- Yoga/Athletic mat
2- Yoga Block (optional)
3- Yoga Bolster (optional)

The location is on private property in Mololi’i. Directions and location details to be disclosed after registration.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from location. Overnight stays are not offered. Sorry!

This workshop is offered to a small group of people. Space is limited. There may be further workshops in the future!