Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine


Pōhala is a blend resourcing hand crafted wild native Hawaiian botanicals, the living expressions of a plants power and what is known as lā’au lapa’au. Highly revered by the ancients as true medicine, this is a reunion of the sacred. All botanicals are infused with the life of the islands.

'Āhinahina (Maui Wormwood) Spagyric Tincture (MYSTICISM)

'Āhinahina (Maui Wormwood) Spagyric Tincture (MYSTICISM)


Artemisia Mauiensis, or ‘Āhinahina, also known as Maui Wormwood is the premier botanical of the Goddess Hina, the Moon Goddess of the Hawaiian spiritual pantheon, and is the plant of Mystics and Mysticism.

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‘Āhinahina is a very mysterious botanical and grows well in higher elevations, such as on the slopes of mighty Alaheaakalā (Haleakalā) volcano on the island of Maui. Her comfort range of elevation extends from 6,200ft to 7,500ft. As her name suggests, she grows wild only on the island of Maui.

She is closely related to Anise, also a Artemisia, which is resourced to make absinthe, vermouth, and tarragon which are her masculine counterparts.

Her relation to Mystics and Mysticism extends as far back as oral records go on the island of Maui. A similar botanical once flourished in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Papahānaumokuakea) which was used in ceremony and spiritual practices of Pō’hia (involvement) or the exploration of the inward self and beyond the territories of external perceptions.

The Moon Goddess, Hina, was once a mortal and is considered the 1st feminist and humanist and was gifted the throne of the moon for her feats of excelling the human spirit of the material plane. Upon her Hala, or ascension, she transitioned to the Moon and was allowed to take with her just two botanicals. She chose the cloth of Kapa and the ‘āhinahina. The kapa so she could weave and extend her memory to Kī (Earth), and the ‘āhinahina to pray with.

Mysticism is the experience of reality which is beyond intellect. It is incredibly feminine and the annunciation of dimensions simultaneously without the pull to choose. It is the realization of quantum energy without the need to apply logic. Its language is in waves rather than particles and in energy rather than matter.

  • Comes in a 1oz amber glass vessel with dropper

  • Aroma is similar to sagebrush and a subtle Anise - the actual taste is similar to wormwood/Anise

  • Medicine is fermented for 40 days and 40 nights referencing specific moon phases as processional markers

  • More modern Hawaiians (in the last 500 years) used ‘Āhinahina to accompany ‘Iwi (bones of ancestors) in calabashes (gourds)

  • ‘Āhinahina is foraged on the island of Maui, in the wild, on private property with permission from the ‘āina custodians

  • Augmented using the alchemical method of Spagyric, or the addition of the finest white-crystal ash of the botanical. This is done by reducing the plant matter via ritual fire until only the finest ash remains. This finest ash is believed to hold the actual DNA of the plant, thus infusing the tincture with the plants memory.

  • This medicinal is recommended to those who wish to surpass the intellect, to enjoy experiences free of the need to apply logic and reason, instead to feel spirit and spirituality.

  • Mysticism has long been defined as the “absorption into the Diety of the absolute.”

  • Take 8-10 drops daily directly in mouth or with non-chlorinated water. And like with all medicinals, create a ceremony around resourcing ‘Āhinahina. Know that this is a collaboration and she will not assist unless you are present and willing to participate.