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Kaua'i Workshop - Pua'aehuehu Hawaiian Fern Medicine and Emotional Intelligence

Kaua'i Workshop - Pua'aehuehu Hawaiian Fern Medicine and Emotional Intelligence


Kaua’i Stepping up!

Special Event workshop in beautiful Moloa’a!
This event is privately hosted and exact location details will be given at time of registration.

When: Friday, March 22nd 5:30-8:30pm
Where: Moloa’a

Many are feeling this immense shift the human collective is currently experiencing. In ancient lore it is knows as “Hanana,” or “The Event.”
The Hanana is a consciousness correction by way of source pulse. This pulse is re-calibrating and tuning our nervous system, our DNA, and the way our spirit interacts with the world of material.
Of all our precious tools, it is the human emotion which will assist in this transition and into ultimate transcendence. Fern Medicine is all about emotional intelligence. This is a very profound moment for all of us!

Fern Medicine by way of Mū lineage has volunteered to assist us now. Lets show up and receive!

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This is a three-hour lecture and interactive workshop with Pōhala founder, Ke’oni Hanalei. Topics for discussion will be:

  • The lineage of Mū Culture

  • ‘Ike, genesis, of Fern Medicine (Principles of Aloha)

  • Feminine/Masculine aspects of Fern Medicine

  • Proper harvesting/harvesting techniques

  • Medicine making and medicinal varieties

Interactive activities to include:

  • Primal breath and movement (Nā,ū)

  • Movement and breathing techniques to stimulate telepathy (Ho’omola, Kūlana)

Attendees are encouraged to bring water and snacks, although some will be offered at the workshop.

Please bring yoga mats, or something similar to sit on and also to do some movement practices.

All ages are welcome!

Pōhala medicinals will be offered for sale at a 20% discount!

Kaua’i is a very special island for me — although I make my home on Maui, I travel to Kaua’i often. Kaua’i is not just a beautiful place which I am so honored to forage on, but it also happens to be the island I consider my “activation portal.” The island itself is very rich in primordial Mana - or what the Mū have called “Aloha Mā,” a very sacred form of empowerment and love. This is a very special community to me, and so it is an honor to show up and share this ‘ike with an island and her people who have gifted me so much. IMUA!