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Principles of Aloha


Principles of Aloha

Pre-historic Hawaiians, or Mū people, believed Earth reality to be a program of wā, or epochs.  Thousands of years ago at a time which cannot be precisely determined a council Hōkū Po’oko’i, or star elders, became aware of a fast approaching wā characterized by a slowing of resonance and a thickening of gravity, a time of great deception, or a spiritual dark age.  In an attempt to preserve the purity of human emotions, virtues, and traits this high council coded Fern pollen with the un corrupted resonance of these energies.  We call these the Principles of Aloha. 

The fern is the only species on the planet to have achieved evolutionary stasis.  Evolutionary stasis is achieved when a species has fulfilled itself and has met its evolutionary ceiling.  Due to the ferns acquired balance and completion with nature, they were chosen (as well as volunteered) to hold and preserve emotional intelligence.  These codes would become disclosed again once the wā fulfilled itself and another epoch was to begin.  We are currently experiencing the changeover from a time of deception into full disclosure characterized as a spiritual awakening on a mass scale.  Some circles call this phenomenon The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

At this current understanding, there are 103 Principles, or Ferns, which correlate to individual emotions, virtues, and traits.  There may be far more than we can comprehend, but this number represents the Principles which have granted disclosure and comprehension.  The energy of Aloha, or Love, is not represented individually in this pantheon because its resonance is the accumulation of all Principles.  Love, Aloha, is truly the purposeful expression and attainment/attunement of Earth Reality.  

The 30 Lunar Phases

The 30 Lunar Phases

House of the Moon

The sophistication and intelligence of all Principles correlate to the various moon cycles which affect life on Earth.  Ancient Mu people categorized the power of the Moon as two dual and converging properties: the waning period, which represents a time of dormancy and reflection, and the waxing which signaled the time of invigoration and integration.  According to Mu calendar we are ruled in 30-39 houses of the lunar influence.  Muku, or New Moon, is the primary expression and rules over the synthesis of all energetic patterns.  This phase of Muku is skipped altogether up to three times a full year lunar cycle depending on its conjuction of various celestial bodies. The three Full Moons: Akua, Hōkū, and Māhealani, signal expressions of creation, thought, and illumination and provides the foundation for matter and the physical and is the fabric of truth.  

Each individual Principle holds estate in specific moon houses/phases.  These characterize a principles moment of arousal and maximum energetic potential.  The moon, or Mahina, is incredible necessary for the pattern of reality as it shifts and delegates intelligence so that coherence and emotional expression is free to be exemplified and fulfilled.  Mahina can be observed as a resonance magnet maintaining harmony within the power of wholeness.  Species all over the world, not just humans, are greatly affected by the lunar phases, and this is due to the emotional impact is has with all life, as all living things, all sentients, have been gifted emotion.  


Masculine/Feminine Aspects

Biologically, ferns are asexual and are self replicating.  They reproduce by way of spores which propagate in their sori.  Energetically, however, ferns are expressed as either predominately masculine or feminine.  The only exception is Palapalai fern, Divine Discipline, which is totally androgynous.  Despite functioning as either feminine or masculine these Principles are balanced by holding consorts of their opposite, which is defined as a sub-shell relationship.  

Masculine energy is characterized as logic, practicality, and reason -- many vibrations fall under these categories.  Feminine energy is characterized as emotion, intuition, intensity, and the comprehension of symbols.  The collision of feminine and masculine resonances determine the exaltation of a principle and a completion of comprehension and cohesion.  Our current shift is actually moving us out of the intelligence of duality and into coherence, this is why the merging sub-shell is so important.  The principles must complete themselves.  



The Principles

At this current expression we have been disclosed to 103 Principles which have invited humans to collaborate, comprehend, and express.  The following list does not include all 103.  There are possibly many, many other principles which will permit exposure at certain intervals. 

‘ae (Divine Empathy, ruled by the Masculine)    
ʻae haʻa (Divine Glee, ruled by the Masculine)

ʻAkole (Divine Temperance, ruled by the Masculine)
 ʻākōlea (Divine Wonder, ruled by the Feminine)

'Alae (Divine Devotion, ruled by the Masculine)
‘Ama’u (Divine Ego, ruled by the Masculine)  
’Anali’i (Pi’ipi’ilaumanamana) (Divine Faith, ruled by the Feminine)  

 ʻēkaha (Divine Certainty, ruled by the Masculine)
Hāʻili O Pua (Divine Periodicity, ruled by the Feminine)
Hoe A Māui (Divine Vitality, ruled by the Masculine)   

Hōʻiʻo Kula  (Divine Rest, ruled by the Feminine) 
Hulu (Divine Passion, ruled by the Masculine)   

Huna Palai (Divine Benevolence, ruled by the Feminine)   
'ihi'ihilauakea (Divine Serenity) ruled by the Feminine)                    
 ‘iwa’iwa ʻoāʻliʻi (Divine Unity, ruled by the Masculine)
‘iwa’iwa Noa (Divine Liberation, ruled by the Masculine)                                       
Kā'ape'ape (Divine Grace, ruled by the Feminine)  
Kahauale’a/mākuʻe lau li'i (Divine Simplicity, ruled by the Feminine)   
Kalamoho LauLi’i (Divine Innovation, ruled by the Masculine) 
Kama/Palai Hinahina (Divine Grief, ruled by the Feminine)  
Kamapuaʻa (Divine Ingenuity, ruled by the Masculine) 
Kihi (Divine Anticipation, ruled by the Masculine)                                                            

Kīlau Pueo (Divine Ruin, ruled by the Masculine)   
KoloKolo (Divine Triumph, ruled by the Masculine)     
kūʻau (Divine Perversion, ruled by the Masculine)
Kumuniu (Divine Anticipation, ruled by the Masculine)

Kupukupu (Divine Reverence, ruled by the Masculine)
Ka'upu (Divine Synthesis, ruled by the Feminine)
Kuʻupu (Divine Inspiration, ruled by the Masculine)

La’akea Lama (Divine Magic, ruled by the Feminine)

Lauaʻe (Divine Beauty, ruled by the Masculine)

Laukahi (Divine Magnetism, ruled by the Masculine)
Laukahi Hou (Divine Compassion, ruled by the Feminine)

Lola (Divine Tolerance, ruled by the Feminine)
loliō (Divine Dynamism, ruled by the Masculine)
Lo'ulu (Divine Optimism, ruled by the Feminine)

Mahina Lua (Divine Purpose, ruled by the Feminine)
Makali’i (Divine Euphoria, ruled by the Masculine)
Makou (Divine Consequence, ruled by the Masculine)

Mākuʻe (Pihea) (Divine Purity, ruled by the Feminine)
Mana (Divine Coherence, ruled by the Masculine)

Moa (Divine Purification, ruled by the Feminine)
Nauā (Divine Tenderness, ruled by the Feminine)
Neke (Divine Charisma, ruled by the Masculine)

Ni’ani’au (Divine Abundance, ruled by the Feminine)
ʻoāʻliʻi (Divine Sexuality, ruled by the Feminine)

ʻoāʻliʻi Makali'i (Divine Totality, ruled by the Feminine)

ōhiʻa Lehua (Divine Pain, ruled by the Feminine)
ōhiʻa Kū (Divine Fury, ruled by the Masculine)
Ohohi'a (Divine Enthusiasm, ruled by the Masculine)

Onehe (Divine Integrity, ruled by the Masculine)

Pai(Kihe) (Divine Gratitude, ruled by the Feminine)

Pa’iwa’iwa (Divine Truth, ruled by the Feminine)
Pakahakaha (Divine Detachment, ruled by the Feminine)

Pai Huna (Divine Mystery, ruled by the Feminine)
Pala (Divine Discernment, ruled by the Feminine)
Palaʻā (Divine Conception, ruled by the Feminine)
Palai Hihi (Divine Pandemonium, ruled by the Masculine)
Palai Laʻau (Divine Patience, ruled by the Feminine)
Palapalai (Divine Discipline, energetically androgynous)

Pomoho (Divine Illumination, ruled by the Feminine)
Pahole (Divine Sustenance, ruled by the Masculine)
Peʻahi (Divine Chaos, ruled by the Feminine)
Pipi (Divine Humility/Modesty, ruled by the Feminine)
Puapuamoa (Divine Vulnerability, ruled by the Feminine)
Pua’ulu (Divine Humor, ruled by the Masculine)
Puna ('Opeha) (Divine Endurance, ruled by the Masculine)

Pūnana manu (Divine Exploration, ruled by the Masculine)
‘Uluhe (Divine Creation, ruled by the Feminine)
Wahine Noho Mauna (Divine Excellence, ruled by the Feminine)

Wahine Noho 'Ale (Divine Reception, ruled by the Feminine)
Waikau (Divine Courage, ruled by the Masculine)
Wāwae’iole (Divine Acceptance, ruled by the Masculine)