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Many call this moment in our history “The Event,” “The Quickening,” and in Mū lore we describe it as “Hanana.”

So much is shifting rapidly, the oscillations and vibrations of the experience are becoming so incredibly hyper-stimulated and many brothers and sisters are entering fatigue and over-stimulation due to the transformation.

On a spiritual level, we are transcending shadow data,  the violences and delusions which have maintained the energy of imitation.  Within this realm of imitation we have been subjected to the great law of “Obey.”  

Now, with many coming into recognition of sovereignty, the imitation game is collapsing, the victim mentality is becoming less and less appropriate.  Too many are now in recognition of their gifts and capacity for Aloha Mā, self-reflective love.

On a physiological standpoint, we are shifting from a carbon based body into a crystalline.  Our very organic cells are becoming lighter, less confined to gravity, and thus supports this heightened oscillation.  This is the gateway to our multi-dimensional birthright. This is a sacred mutation which had been foretold by many ancient cultures around the world. However, fixed in our fascinations and obsessions with the material world, many of us do not feel equipped to make this epic evolutionary leap and dis-ease, mental illness, suicide, isolation, fear and escape have come to dominate our current reality 

The commitment towards Emotional Intelligence and Fern Medicine teaches us how to truly recognize our Now, the Moment.  This is the space where our emotions are allowed to express themselves without distortion and therefore may be accessed as pure medicine. 

The resolution of trauma is so important in shifting from a confined spiritual and physical perception into that of an expansive, free, fluid entity no longer dictated by bondage. 

There are 103 native Hawaiian ferns which correlate to 103 human emotions. Lets explore these powerful allies who want nothing more than to remind us of our incomprehensible potential as light beings — human beings — the dreamers and the engineers, and thus make our journey back to nature. 

I have had great success in working with brothers and sisters of all walks of life, including couples and children, in re-affirming purpose and meaning.  I look forward to connecting, sharing, and bonding! 

E ola!

Ke’oni Hanalei 

Private Sessions

Private Sessions