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MAUI - Mystic 'ULU (Intermediate) DECEMBER

  • Makawao Union Church 1445 Baldwin Avenue Makawao, HI, 96768 United States (map)

Very honored to present this second round of Mystic ‘ULU facilitated by Ke’oni Hanalei of Pōhala with special guest Marni Alohilohi of The Sacred Collective.

Makawao Union Church Community Hall, Makawao, Maui - Friday, Dec. 13th, 10am-2pm

For those of you who have participated in our intro to ‘ULU workshops (Maui, Kaua’i, Moku, O’ahu), this is our level 2 offering in which we will explore the more advanced flow of practice with alternating ‘oni (movements), la’alima (mudras), and nā’ū (breath). NOTE: Although it is recommended to have attended the 1st ‘ULU offering, it is not required. Due to the deeper states of meditation and high frequencies we do not advise younger children and infants to attend. Mahalo

This is a 4 hour intensive workshop.

‘ULU is the primordial movement of the Heart of the Matter. It is by way of ‘ULU did the 1st civilizations, the Mū, acclimate themselves to the physical condition. This is rather significant as it also allowed the human avatar, the DNA structure, to inherit sacred codes and tones of the vibration of Source — or the frequency of cosmic nucleus (God).

In ‘ULU, we oscillate our Iwi Kuamo’o (spinal cord) and the Iwiwai (cerebrospinal fluid) to stimulate, or “flex” the nervous system and DNA. This expands our auric field so that we become apparent of the oscillations of the perceived outside world. The outside world includes the perceived consciousness of the planet, the structured universe, and collective consciousness itself. Our nervous system and DNA send signals, such as “pings,” into this fabric which resonates from us, and the oscillation of the “outside” world is harmonized with our “inner” world. This is when the sacred doctrines floods our perceptions and we become consciously aware of the source intelligence.

In many sacred records, we are told of “floods” which have impacted human culture however, these stories regularly tell of physical, elemental floods, though in Mū, we are told of the floods of consciousness, and ‘ULU is a direct link to this phenomenon.

The workshop requires agility as participants will be moving and shifting for a majority of this class. This is an intensive and is considered “intermediate”

I ask that you have a mid to high degree of athleticism wether that be of yoga, martial arts, dance, varying sports, etc.

Ka’upu Fern ~ Divine Synthesis, empress of BONDING.
The inclusion of Ka’upu fern is significant is that we are synthesizing our energy fields into the web of the super-consciousness. As the fern of bonding and true intimacy, the integration of Ka’upu before practice will enhance our capacity to surrender into the exploration of the mystery.


We are so fortunate to have sound alchemist MARNI ALOHILOHI of THE SACRED COLLECTIVE (www.sacredcollective.world) with us again to offer us sacred notes, tones, timbre, pitch, and other sound which invigorate and enhance our practice. Marni utilizes an array of instruments which she has fine tuned to the spirit of ‘ULU.

As an intuitive and guide, and as a healed feminine, Marni is also present to assist any of you who may require a little help in moving through the emotional and energetic waves that are common in more advanced ‘ULU. At any time during our practice, you may quietly approach Marni and she will take you aside to help process.


We will be moving and flowing to tunes which incorporate two very important frequencies
49hz. - (G) this is a “base frequency” and is ruled by the Mara-Hina (Moon) (also GAGA/PLUTO in some esoterics) EARTH and the FUNDAMENTAL

343hz.- (F) this is a “crown frequency” and is ruled by Anshar (Saturn) (also Gaga (Pluto) and Vulcan in some circles). EXALTATION and ASTRAL

The eventual merging and harmonizing of these two frequencies is the collision of the mundane with the atemporal (independent of time), and it is this space where Kūlana, meditation and trance, ensues.


First, bring yourself. Also, bring lots of water to stay hydrated during this 4-hour intensive
Also bring:

1- Yoga/Athletic mat
2- Yoga Block (optional)
3- Yoga Bolster (optional)

Pōhala Botanicals and Grown with Aloha medicinals will be offered for sale at the workshop for bring cash, credit/debit cared, too, may you be interested in purchasing


Makawao Union Church Community Hall

1445 Baldwin Ave. MAKAWAO

Parking is offered on the lawn directly in front of the Union Hall

Workshop fee is : $56.00
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