Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine


Hand crafted wild native Hawaiian botanicals are living expressions of a plants power and what is known as lā’au lapa’au. Highly revered by the ancients as true medicine, this is a reunion of the sacred. All botanicals are purely pure non-domesticated matter, harvested from the wilderness of Maui and Kaua'i island. 

Kīlau Pueo Fern Essence Edible Hydrosol (RUIN)

Kīlau Pueo Fern Essence Edible Hydrosol (RUIN)


The intense Kīlau Pueo Fern is the personification of Divine Emotional Ruin.  Just 1-5 drops of the deliciously savory Fern Essence in food or drink and experience a shift towards recognizing opportunity to incite emotional reductions and detachments (Ruin) which exists within and all around!

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Comes in 1 oz frosted glass vessel with dropper

  • Kīlau Pueo Fern (Pteridium Decomposetum) thrives in the open fields of the Hawaiian Islands. He requires much room to express his freedom and does not take to clutter very well. This fern is energetically masculine.

  • Kīlau Pueo has a subtle smokey taste, which is fitting in that he represents all excess which is reduced to ash

  • The result of hydrosoled oil distillation of Kīlau Pueo Fern using sacred Wailuku River water.**

  • The hydrosoled extraction is then placed in a glass or stone bowl which sits atop a copper coiling and connected to a frequency speaker. This speaker transmits i’i Hawaiian chanting (vibrato) into the hydrosol.

  • Small amount of organic food grade alcohol added for preservation and as anti-bacterial

    **All water resourced for the purpose of ingestion is purified via steam distillation.

A thing about RUIN:

Emotional Ruin is very controversial and misunderstood. Perhaps the most profound energy of this fern principle is its ability to assist us in reducing our attachments, delusions, and cravings. We become lighter, clearer, and can once again determine direction because we have off loaded all the excess which has weighed us down, and has detoured us from our higher purpose and meaning. Many of us have no idea we carry so much polluted energy, polluted attitudes and beliefs - these are commonly inherited to us due to conditioning and our influences of the Culture of Control. Because we are saturated with conditioning our emotions are unable to express themselves; too often we attempt to control these emotions and our interactions. Emotional Ruin only wants to support our ascent into emotional recognition and thus energetic recognition. IMUA!

Suggested Use:

Kīlau is powerful. Be generous to yourself while resourcing him. Likely, many unresolved traumas will begin to present themselves. The great part is that Ruin will support us through this and so it will seem more fluid to work through and make the necessary reductions — and to attain liberation and freedom from bondage.

To begin, for the first two days, we recommend placing a few drops in the palm of your hand; do not take orally. Allow the initial integration to be light, get to know one another. After two days of this, you may begin to ingest orally, do no exceed 1-5 drops twice a day. It does not matter what time of day or night.

Allow the hydrosol to sit in mouth for a minute. It’s always recommended that during this minute we set intentions and envision how best to begin the series of reductions. This is intelligent dialogue which Kīlau will read. And, always, choose your thoughts wisely