Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine


Hand crafted wild native Hawaiian botanicals are living expressions of a plants power and what is known as lā’au lapa’au. Highly revered by the ancients as true medicine, this is a reunion of the sacred. All botanicals are purely pure non-domesticated matter, harvested from the wilderness of Maui and Kaua'i island. 

Laua'e Fern Essence Edible Hydrosol (BEAUTY)

Laua'e Fern Essence Edible Hydrosol (BEAUTY)


The sweet Laua'e Fern is the personification of Divine Beauty.  Just 1-5 drops of the deliciously subtle Fern Essence in food or drink and experience a shift towards the recognition of Beauty, that which is in yourself and that which is all around!

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  • comes in 1.oz frosted glass vessel with dropper

  • Laua'e Fern (Phymatosorus Scolopendria) is sometimes referred to as "false Maile" for its similarity in smell of the Maile Vine. It is also similar in taste and smell to soft pine

  • The result of hydrosoled oil distillation using sacred Wailuku River water.**

  • The hydrosoled extraction is then placed in a glass or stone bowl which sits atop a copper coiling and connected to a frequency speaker. This speaker transmits i’i Hawaiian chanting (vibrato) into the hydrosol.

  • Small amount of organic food grade alcohol added for preservation and as antibacterial

    **All water resourced for the purpose of ingestion is purified via steam distillation.

A thing about BEAUTY

True Beauty, at its Essence, is all about recognition, innovation, and admiration.  All things are truly beautiful, and at the core of creation is the expression and expansion of Beauty. This is the definition of creativity.  Many sages around the world recognize Beauty as the meaning of life, and its longevity as our purpose. Beauty cannot be conceived because it is the primary substance of existence, therefore Beauty actually conceived you.  All you are doing is expressing the material to which you are made of.  All that is required is honest recognition through self-love.  Through self reflective love you are free to experience and participate in the beauty which surrounds you, and always has.  Aloha!