Esoteric Hawaiian Botanical Medicine


Hand crafted wild native Hawaiian botanicals are living expressions of a plants power and what is known as lā’au lapa’au. Highly revered by the ancients as true medicine, this is a reunion of the sacred. All botanicals are purely pure non-domesticated matter, harvested from the wilderness of Maui and Kaua'i island. 

Pure Plantation: Lāna’i Orange & ‘Iliahi Sandalwood

Pure Plantation: Lāna’i Orange & ‘Iliahi Sandalwood

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The plantation culture of Hawai’i persists today as the racial, linguistic, and ritual calabash which makes these islands tremendously tolerant and diverse.  Both ‘Iliahi and Orange were staples of production and export at the shift from Ancient Hawai’i to the modern. 

We offer three varieties of this plant master: 4oz. Mist, 10ml Roller Oil, and 2oz. Anointing Body Oil

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Iliahi, or Sandalwood, is perhaps one of the most notorious trees of the Hawaiian Islands.  The tremendous shipping and trading of 19th century Hawai'i revolved largely on 'Iliahi.  

Commonly called, "Hawaiian Orange," the peculiar bumpy orange of the islands is actually a hybrid of a lemon and orange which matured over the last 80 years to what it is today.  These Hawaiian Oranges are harvested from the beautiful plantation island of Lāna’i. 

  • Orange is a zesty fruit, so its no surprise this scent can help apply you to be outgoing, creative, and motivated!

  • Sandalwood has a soft woody scent, with floral undertones so it adds a nice calm to the zesty Hawaiian Orange.

  • This combination will allow you the freedom to be free and fun all while being mindful at the same time

  • Oils are iInfused with un-refined, organic Kukui Nut Oil

  • Mists are the result of the steam distillation process while resourcing water from the sacred Wailuku River on Maui.

  • Mists may be used as a face/body, room, or auric spray

  • Oils are ideal for use as fragrance or body oil