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Mystic Ulu: Mū Calibrations within the Human Nervous System

Mystic Ulu: Mū Calibrations within the Human Nervous System

(REGISTRATION IS CLOSED, Mahalo nui loa! I will advertise when this is offered again in the near future)

This is a two day intensive workshop which will take place in Kaupō, Maui Island. Kaupō is one of the holiest regions on the island Maui and is known to be the training grounds for many Kahuna.

The experience of Ulu pre-dates many Polynesian rituals, though it has been incorporated in nearly all pacific traditions. Ulu is Mū. Ulu is the transference of 5-D energy into the space of the 3-D. Ulu is in itself a totally autonomous language.

There are so many codes which are accessible in the ether and auric fields, but because Man is so locked into matter these codes are not recognized and therefor are not integrated.

The purpose of this workshop is to activate the practice and experience of Ulu within. Ulu opens the minds ability and the hearts capacity to explore telepathy, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Ulu allows for the Great Remembrance of our initial experiment as a primary civilization

Topics covered and explored:

  • Intro to Fern Medicine and Emotional Intelligence

  • Intro to Mū Culture, language and symbols

  • Kūlana, and pre-Tahitian meditative states

  • Nā’ū, pre-Tahitian chanting and trance

  • Basic Lua, movement rites and energy exchange

  • Ho’omola and pre-Tahitian telepathy

Housing in a A-frame wooden structure IS included, but please be mindful that we will be co-habitating without electricity or running water (exception will be a running outside toilet). This is intentional. Electronics and devices will not be permitted out of respect for the ancient practices.

Traditional Hawaiian food and drink will also be included, and are vegan.

You will be required to bring the following:

  • Your own transportation to and from the workshop location

  • Your own bedding and clothing. This is a private property and secluded, it is up to you your clothing options, females are more than welcome to go topless, and in saying so please respect one anothers decency.

  • Yoga or workout mats are highly recommended

  • Medications which you are required to take

  • Hiking shoes

  • Bath or beach towel(s)

  • PLENTY OF WATER; although we will provide water, it is recommended you bring your own as well.

  • Environmentally safe sunscreen

  • You will be required to proclaim yourself and your ancestors, so I highly recommend researching your personal genealogy as to be accurate in your proclamations. I will send out more detail on this in a group email a week before the workshop.

  • Leave ALL violences at home. We will not tolerate any tendencies for shame, blame, lack, resentment, and CONTROL. Mahalo.

  • Aloha

Arrival on site will begin at 9am. Our first Hui to begin at 11am.
Departure on Sunday will be at 6pm. A detailed itinerary will be furnished after registration.

Disclaimer: This initial workshop will be offered to those of Native Hawaiian ancestry. This is not meant to be exclusive or restrictive, this is simply how I am guided to open this very powerful dialogue. I will likely hold this workshop for all-inclusives at another time. Mahalo nui loa for understanding and respecting this fluidity!


$200.00 per person

Because this particular workshop is catered for Native Hawaiians, the workshop itself is offered Ua Noa, or Free. The $200 fee covers food and lodging.

If you feel moved , donations are appreciated with much Mahalo. We ask that you consider your donation after the workshop and not before. Mahalo!

Please contact me directly: Pohalabotanicals@gmail.com for application, registration and inquiries.

E Pili mau nā pōmaika’i ia’oe kō Aloha lā ea ~ Palala Ke’oni