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Kāpili: Fern Lā'au and Moon Lā'au with Tom Penna and Ke'oni Hanalei - Maui

Hanana, also known as “The Event” is upon us. This monumental shift is characterized as the time of full disclosure — where all things will be revealed. Primordial codes of our ancient lineages are now being offered to us in obvious form, and the chipping away of our attachments, delusions, and fixations is impacting the planet now. My tūtū, Kau’ikeonalani, would commonly say “how will you choose to learn?” Will we go in grace and receive these sacred codes, or will we resist and refuse, stubbornly holding on to the old world paradigm.

This nourishing three day Maui workshop will offer supportive tools in navigating this shift. Tom Penna, of Hō Mai Ka Pono (O’ahu based) will reveal aspects of Time and Place and how genealogy weaves a story and legacy. Patterned by the phases of Mahina (moon) by way of Lā/Ao (Sun) reflection, the cycle and motion of these heavenly bodies is our realities oldest record, time, and place keeper.

Ke’oni Hanalei is a Mū practitioner who has inherited the un-corrupt ‘ike (wisdom) of his mo’okūauhau (family lineage), one which extends far beyond the migration of the Tahitians and Polynesians, to “pre-flood” or the time of Mū. Steeped in this ‘ike are sacred practices, traditions, and memory which allows us to glimpse the essence of a sacred civilization. Fern Medicine, Lā’au Pua’aehu’ehu, is the shining star of these inheritances, and provides us the understanding, integration, and expression of our truth human emotions.

Workshop will be held in Paukūkalo, Maui. Tom Penna will offer the 1st and 2nd installment (sunday and monday) for free - register for Tuesday here on Pohala.net -

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